Ready to Sell? Thinking of Selling?

So you're thinking about selling? Maybe you're ready to sell? You're at the right place. I'm here to help you sell your house quickly and get top dollar. Let's get started!!

When Seller's decide to sell, some have an idea what their home is worth and some don't.  I help sellers with latest market information including what your potential competition is, homes that have sold in the last 6 or so months and even properties that did not sell. We will also look at homes that are "pending" so you get the whole picture. We look at location, condition and market pricing to determine where you need to be when it's time to put your home on the market. In my experience, every seller is different. I will help you throughout the entire process.

Marketing a home for sale has come a long way. Back in the day people thought staging was only for people who live in million dollar homes. That's simply not true. Staging is ever more popular for ANY home thanks to HGTV, DIY channel and many home improvement shows.

You are well on your way to a successful sale. Let's get started.  Call me today for a comprehensive and competitive market analysis for your home.

Dana's List for Outside

The first thing a buyer will see when they show up is the outside of your house. Let’s look at curb appeal: 

1.      Take a walk across the street and look at your house. Besides the obvious "I need to mow the lawn", what do you see?

2.      Trim shrubs and bushes nice and neat, especially if they are up against any front windows. You don't need to go all Edward Scissorhands on them.  Straight across or shaping them up will do the trick.

3.      If you have trees in the yard considering cutting branches and/or limbs away from the house. There shouldn't be any branches touching the roof or the house.

4.      Clean up flower beds, remove weeds and leaves. Consider planting a few flowers or place a planter on or near the front porch/entry for that pop of color.

5.      Look for any loose, raised or missing shingles. Replace/repair those that need attention.

6.      Clean out gutters. While you're up there it's also a good time to check for loose spots and holes.

7.      Take a look at the front door/entry area. Is the welcome mat worn out? It may be time to replace it. If you have lots of plants whether on the ground or hanging, dial it back some. They attract insects and could easily scare a buyer at the front door. Keep your entry clean, fresh and clutter free.

8.      Walk the perimeter of the house carefully looking for wood rot or any sign of insect infestation.  Repair/replace any problem areas. Get rid of hornet or wasp nests. A buyer does not like to see wood rot. To them it could be a sign of a larger problem and send the wrong message.

9.      Take a look at the garage doors. If they are dirty, there are outdoor cleaners that along with a hose can do wonders. If you have a garage door opener, raise and lower the door(s) to make sure they are operating properly.

10.   Inspect your fence. Repair/replace any missing or rotted planks.

11.   If you are used to doing your own lawn care, be sure to keep it up more frequently. If you have a lawn service, talk to them about frequency of visits. During the growing season, it seems like 3-4 days after you cut the grass it's grown 2 feet overnight. Stay on top of it. Your buyer can show up any time.

Dana's List for Inside

Now let's go look inside. When you walk into the front door what do you see? It's time to Identify & Neutralize.

Go room by room and look over it thoroughly. We're looking for major items first:

1.      Signs of leaks in the ceiling or along baseboards.

2.      Are there any holes in walls? Time to patch them up.

3.      Dripping faucets

4.      Running toilets

5.      Clogged sinks or drains

6.      Wood rot in bathrooms?

7.      Wobbly ceiling fans

8.      Light fixtures secured

9.      Signs of insect activity

10.   Weatherstripping

 While this is not an all inclusive list, you get the idea.  When your home sells the buyer will have inspections. It is a good idea to do your own pre-inspection and identify potential issues that can be resolved before you put your home on the market.

Let's look at Neutralizing. Whether you've been in your home 2 years or 20 years, it's still home. The memories, celebrations--your sanctuary.  When you put it on the market, it's now business. We want your buyer to mentally "move in" while looking at your home. I understand sweet Sara loves her hot pink walls and the Justin Beiber posters on the ceilings. We need to tackle that room and neutralize it. Time to take the posters down and paint Sara's room a neutral color. The warm tones tend to work well. Combine that with proper staging and your in business. Sara's room is a hit!

Dana's List for Pets

And now a word about pets. I am a total dog lover. They are like my children so I can relate to this issue.  Remember, when your house is on the market, it can be shown any time. That means you will need to make arrangements for Spike and Fluffy. 


1.      Dogs should be either confined or taken with you during showings.  If you are at home when you've been notified about a showing and cannot confine your dog while you leave, why not take Spike to the dog park? Dog parks are quickly rising in popularity and are a great social network for people and dogs alike.  Alternatively, if no one is home during the day and you receive word that an agent is showing your house in 2 hours, why not talk to a neighbor about helping with your pets? Making arrangements in advance will make it easier for showings. 

2.      Cats are natural loners and sleep a lot. In my experience, I have not had many issues showing houses with cats. I would be notified that there is a cat in the house unconfined; however when I went to show the house, I never saw it

3.      Small caged animals, if you have a pet that lives in a cage such as a hamsters, birds or rabbits, make sure the cage is clean at all times. There is nothing that can hide or cover up the smell of a dirty cage and your buyers won't forget it either. Febreze may be working on that formula, but for now you'll need to keep that cage clean. 

4.      Exotic animals such as snakes and lizards should absolutely be removed from the home until the house sells.


It is very important as a seller that you disclose your pet situation for showings.  We don't know if a potential buyer has a cat allergy or terrified of dogs even if kept in a kennel. We want to accommodate your potential buyer and get them into your house.